Jumpstart Early Experience

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About the Program

Jumpstart is a national early education organization that is fueled by the core belief that providing high-quality educational opportunities to all young children contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty. With more than six million children across the country living in poverty, the need for high-quality experiences and educators is at an all-time high.

The Jumpstart/EDvance Child and Adolescent Development (CAD) early teaching experience is a partnership between Jumpstart and San Francisco State University (SFSU) aimed at the development of an early education workforce pathway for college students, many of whom are first-generation college students.

This program is designed to connect students who have an interest in working within the field of education to a professional service learning experience. We seek to prepare the future of education by focusing on developing the future education professionals of tomorrow!

This early teaching experience provides college volunteers, known as Corps members, with a supervised, in-depth, hands-on learning experience, where bachelor’s level coursework and direct teaching experience are paired with periods of observation, reflection, and professional development.

Corps members are provided with ongoing support coaching and mentorship and are guided along the pathway to full-time employment in the community’s early education centers.

How it works

Jumpstart Corps members volunteer in a variety of preschool settings in low-income communities such as Head Start programs, community-based classrooms, and public school Pre-K. Corps members typically commit to serving 200 or more hours over the course of the school year and engage children for a minimum of one full-day a week. Corps members receive on-going training and support from coaches and mentors before and during their service on early childhood education research and best practice, citizenship and leadership, and guidance with supporting the classroom curriculum.

Why Jumpstart?

Our Corps members reduce the student to teacher ratio in every Jumpstart classroom, allowing children to receive an individualized learning experience and develop nurturing relationships with caring adults. Through the Jumpstart program, we not only help ensure kindergarten readiness for over 11,000 children each year, but also provide our Corps members with the essential training, skills, and practical experience they need for their future careers. Many Corps members choose to pursue a career in teaching after Jumpstart, allowing us to bring more experienced, passionate, and high-quality teachers into the field.

Our Impact

In addition to keeping apprised of the latest research and participating in numerous studies by independent researchers, organizations, and universities around the country, Jumpstart embeds evaluation into our work every day. We document children’s progress towards kindergarten readiness throughout their participation in Jumpstart, and we use this data to continuously improve our program and ensure high quality. On average, 90% of Jumpstart children make gains in the language and literacy skills determined to be predictors of kindergarten readiness and school success.

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