Shelter-in-Place Resources + Support

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Welcome to the EDvance Shelter-in-Place Resource page. Our team has curated a list of resources to support our community during this time.

Below you will find dates, times and links for our EDvance weekly cafes along with resources to support you throughout the "Shelter in Place" ordinances.  Please use this as a way to stay updated on the changing events, to check-in with your peers, ask questions with staff, share resources and support one another.  

EDvance will be hosting weekly cohort based check-in calls as well as Self-care for Self-Learning with Littles, Virtual Teacher Lesson Planning, and Mindful Moments.  All of these are optional, but we encourage you to connect virtually and continue community building and support during the times below (please note, links for Zoom can be found below): 

EDvance Community Zoom Meetings

Weekly virtual Cohort Cafes provide an opportunity for current EDvance students to check-In with classmates and share strategies for staying grounded and connected.

The following Zoom meetings provide an opportunity to practice self-care and social support with one another as we balance working and living at home while sheltering in place.

Resource Documents (Below are hyperlinks, please click on the document/resource you are interested in viewing to be directed to the page)

Community Announcements

  • The YMCA of San Francisco and the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco will open a limited number of sites from March 23 through April 7 for child and youth care! YMCA sites will serve children ages 5-12, and the Boys and Girls Club sites will serve children from age 6 to 17. We are still developing a plan for child care for children ages 0-4. For more information click on the following link: YMCA & Boys and Girls Club Information


EDvance YouTube Channel

EDvance will be creating a Youtube channel to support with virtual learning with early childhood educators. To upload videos of (1) Read alouds, (2) Infant activities, (3) Toddler activities, or (4) Preschool activities, upload to our Google Photo Folder- Video Upload. Please save the video with the number that corresponds to the topic your video addresses by using (1), (2), (3), or (4).